Do you prefer driving or biking?

copenhagen bikesI definitely prefer biking.

Recently I spent a few days getting around by bike in Copenhagen. There’re lots and lots of people cycling there. By some accounts, there’re more bike commuters in Copenhagen than there are in all of the US.

Most of the cyclists there are on regular bikes and wearing everyday clothes. In other words, most of the cycling is not a specialized activity. People are biking  at all times of day, for diverse purposes, without wearing special cycling clothing, or having to ride a racing type bike. The majority of the bikes you see there are low maintenance, all-weather, and easy to ride.

It all got me thinking about cars and how stale the driving experience can get.

Just a hundred years ago rich folk would have paid big bucks to drive as fast as any regular citizen now drives every day. Think about the people who’ve signed up to pay big bucks to fly into space just to come right back to earth, that’s what a modern car ride would be a hundred years ago.

But most of us see driving more as a chore than a pleasure, because despite the marketing, after a few months driving, even driving a new car can seem like drudgery.

Biking on the other hand has always been fun to me. I’ve always looked forward to riding a bike no matter what the purpose of the ride was.

Looking around at all the other cyclists in Copenhagen, most of them seemed to feel the same way.