The Apple Tree

I always thought it’d be cool to use an iPad as  my computer. Light and small, it’d be like driving a Prius instead of a Jeep Cherokee. That was my hope at least. But here’s what I found.

Apple makes great stuff.

Lately, my 2009 MacBook has finally gone to join Steve. At least I think so because by living in a small town in Mexico, I can’t visit an Apple store to have it checked out by a pro. I’ve tried all the fixes I could come up with or were suggested to me, but still no life in my trusty computer.

Luckily I have an iPad.  Previously I never did any heavy lifting with the iPad, it was for reading , traveling with, and to have as a backup.

And now that day is here, for the iPad to come off the bench.

While all the products on Apple’s tree share many aspects. I’m finding that they can’t all stand in for one another.

For example, I thought that since I’m  a hunt and peck typist that I wouldn’t miss a “real” keyboard. Well, the pop up touchscreen keyboard is frustrating so far. There are fewer keys so moving the cursor for editing  takes much longer and doesn’t work like Apple says it should.

If you’re just texting and dealing with the lower standards people expect of texting  it’d be fine, but to write professional emails and other documents, you’ll be slowed down and frustrated. It’s like having to open the hood and jiggle a couple things before you’re able to drive your car. I don’t want to have to be a mechanic to drive my car. The shade of the Apple tree isn’t enough to keep me cool.

So, I’m saying that the iPad is not a suitable replacement for a full featured computer. It was probably planned that way. But I would have liked it to be otherwise.

I haven’t sorted out how to get my next MacBook, but I can’t wait to get my  greasy hands clean and turn on the ignition and cruise along while tossing my mechanic’s cap out the window.