Who invented the wheel?

bmw-r7Have you had an MRI? The MRI machine is unpleasant to be inside of, I just had an MRI of a shoulder injury. The machine is impressive, and what it is able to produce would be unimaginable to our grandparents.

Here’s an interesting thing. It’s not possible to implement an idea until the tools to make it becomes available.

Think about the wheel. From the bottom of your luggage or your car, wheels are everywhere in our world. Most people assume wheels have always been around.

I heard someone talking about the evolution of bikes who mentioned that the earliest record of the wheel was around 3,500 BC, but the first bike didn’t show up until 1817.

What would the first wheels (and axles) be made of? Most likely wood. Until our ancestors had metal tools that were harder than wood, it wasn’t possible to shape a wheel. Around 4,000 BC cast bronze tools started showing up. The oldest wheel and axle discovered by scientists are from around 3,500 BC.

The oldest wheel evidence comes from present day Poland and no one knows who made the first one. After the first wheels were made they seem to have caught on and spread so far, it’s hard to pinpoint the exact origin.

Just like information, any technology has to build upon the technologies that precede it and make it possible.

In the future, if I need another look inside my body, I hope  technology will make lying still for 45 minutes in a tight tube obsolete.