Life without glasses

cyclops specThis post will mainly be interesting to me (as a reminder) and for anyone interested in correcting their vision surgically.

It’s been a month since my PRK corrective eye surgery (which is very similar to the Lasik procedure). At my one month check up today, the doctor said everything looked good and my vision is 20/20.

My right eye was corrected for distance and my left eye for close up vision, my brain sorts it all out automatically. The result is referred to as “mono vision.” Even though reading screens isn’t great, any other close up work is clear, so much so that I think I could probably thread a sewing needle.

I can see 90% better than I did a month ago! Everything within a 12 foot radius is crystal clear, except for reading on a screen which is a little fuzzy. It can take six months before my eyes will stop subtly changing, so maybe reading on computers will improve over the next several months.

One aspect that wasn’t mentioned before is having to use lubricating eye drops everyday. When I asked the doctor about the the fuzziness during reading, she said using the drops is important, plus I won’t know for sure what my ultimate vision will be until six months have passed. Friends who’ve had corrective eye surgery also mentioned that I’ll need six months before my vision “sets.”

So far, so good and I’d recommend PRK at this point in the recovery. I’ll let you know how my vision is in six months.