More on squatting

Here’re some more thoughts on squatting, or maybe on squatting more often. I like calling it crouching instead because it just sounds better than squatting, and lots of people associate squatting with the exercise called squatting.

Someone said, “Squatting is not an exercise; it is a movement pattern. The movement is part of growth and development as a transition from the floor to standing. Squatting can be used as an exercise, but is first and foremost a movement pattern.”

Hinging at the hips to fold down toward your ankles with your bum is a common movement pattern for all little kids. The more we sit in chairs as we’re growing up the less easy it becomes to crouch down comfortably.

You can get it back. The biggest trick or tip is to lead with your bum, on the way down into a crouch and when coming up and out of a crouch. Going down or up, just try pointing to the wall behind you with your bum first, the rest of you will follow. Two other things to do are keeping your toes pointed more forward and allow your knees to drift outwards a bit, not inwards.

And when you get the crouch back, the ability to fully crouch down and easily stand up will seem easy and will help in sports or just playing around. I think it’s an important and fairly easy thing to get back and maintain.