Built to last

Brooks bike saddles will last for decades. That’s good, especially because they sell for over $100. But smart cyclists know quality is remembered long after the price is forgotten. It must be true here because the company seems built to last too.

Since 1880, cyclists have been straddling the Brooks brand of bike seats, or saddles. By 1882, Mr. Brooks was applying for his first patent.

The spot on a bike you can do the most about comfort-wise is the saddle. Brooks saddles are built for comfort and built to last. There’re enough different styles to suit any rider. The saddles are leather and take some breaking in, but once that’s done you have a customized seat just for your bum.

Bike enthusiasts have kept this company going for a longtime.┬áIn our modern world of cheaper, faster, and disposable it’s cool to see a company that has been around for a long time producing a beautiful and useful product people embrace. These bike seats aren’t for everyone, but for the people who like them there’s no other bike saddle.

I think a good slogan for Brooks might be: The race to the bottom (yours) has been won.