I’d like to point something out that seems to be under the mainstream media’s radar. It’s tough to win one world championship; but Kelly Slater just won his 11th(!) world surfing championship. I know, if you’re not a surfer, so what? I’m the same way about baseball. Winning one world championship is an incredible achievement in any sport. Eleven world championships is unheard of.

He was the youngest world surfing champion when he was 20 and is also the oldest at 39.

From 1994 – 1998 he won five consecutive titles.

Unlike the American Football or Argentinian Tango World championships, the surfing world championship really is worldwide, with surfers from all over the globe trying to win the title. Kelly’s an American born in Coco Beach, Florida from a humble background. His heritage is Irish and Syrian for what that’s worth.

Surfing is a sport that sees subtle and difficult style and technique changes every five years or so when a newer generation moves onto the stage. But Slater’s been able to go from being one of the young guns to an old hand. And one who’s able to master the new styles as well as the challengers showing them off.

If you’re curious, here’s a short, three-minute, video recap of Kelly’s highlights this year on his way to sealing his 11th world championship (before the contest year is even over).

He’s also a golfer with a two stroke handicap which seems pretty good for a guy who surfs a lot.