2016’s Surprise

blank-flagOur brains evolved to keep us alive so we could procreate. Registering the objective reality around it isn’t the highest priority. So the movie in your head is likely different from mine even though we’re both able to survive, and maybe flourish.

Lots of Americans are in a bad mood. More than we thought. There’re the lost jobs, flat incomes, too much political correctness, and of course the diminishing power of white folks generally. The Democratic party alienated about 14 percent of their 2008 voting base.

Most Americans don’t make a decision because of a number or a policy, they want a story. Trump came along with a story about not to letting China and Mexico freely drink our made-in-the-USA milkshake. And lots of people liked his story. Apparently it was even good enough to win over some women, Latinos and African Americans – like chickens voting for Colonel Sanders.

Trump won fairly. Maybe his psychological need to be perceived well, combined with magnitude of being the president, will lead him to make good governing decisions.

If you’re pessimistic, and the bad thing you’re worrying about happens, then you just wind up living it twice. So let’s see what he does, because actions speak louder than words.