No second chance

storm by shannon hWho would you want to be with you during a bad situation?

Probably not Adele, Brad, or Oprah or anyone else recognized by their first name. Personality  only carries you so far really. But character that’s been tested is what you’d want if the shit hits the fan and there might be no second chance.

My choice would be one of these three – an ER doctor, a Navy Seal, or an astronaut. Although the training for each profession is different, each one encourages critical thinking and members of each group have survived harsh testing of their skills. They are people who’re comfortable in uncomfortable situations.

This is just a thought experiment I came up with after a sudden, short lasting storm hit our town. It wasn’t a real emergency, but it got me thinking about who I’d like to have around if my world gets disrupted.

With a down jacket and a positive outlook you’ll likely be able to get through a few days of hell on your own, and there’re also regular folks around who have the attributes of doctors, Seals, or astronauts. So the label isn’t necessary for finding a solid person to have with you in tough situations. For identifying a tested, quality person with character – those  three categories are where I’d pick from.