Are the tables being turned?

turning the tablesIt’s been 14 billion years since the Big Bang.

We’re a result of four billion years of evolutionary success.

For 70,000 years Homo Sapiens have been running the show.

Capitalism and science have given us an ever increasing standard of living over the last few hundred years.

And this year, the most powerful country in the history of the world is offering Donald Trump as it’s potential president.

Why is he getting the traction he has?

Trump says out loud what a lot of (white) people are thinking. Some white folks think they’re losing power and the tables are being turned on them.

Power is rarely given, it’s usually taken, and that’s what’s scary.

But in a big diverse society like the US the power isn’t equally distributed. It can never be exactly evenly spread across all people because everyone’s not the same. But everyone deserves a somewhat equal chance. That’s all. There’s not much to worry about.