What do you need?

content.phpIf you were to win the lottery, you’d have enough money to quit doing what you don’t like doing.

It seems like most people don’t really like their jobs. Most people won’t win the lottery, so they begin guessing how much money would give them, financial independence, financial freedom, or f-you money as some folks refer to it.

How much does financial freedom cost? 10 million, one million, or ¬†half a million? Maybe it’s less than that? Asking the question implies there’re fundamental ideas about your life that are pretty vague.

When you have a grip on your finances, you don’t have to ask someone else what the boundaries are. In other words, by the time you’ve finished asking if you’re past the boundary – you’ve likely answered the question already.

Asking someone if you can quit your job when you have “x” amount means the answer is “no,” at least for the moment. It’s “no” because you haven’t thought about what your living expenses actually are or how much passive income you can generate.

If you drill down into your living expenses, they’ll probably drop because you’re¬†shedding light on spending that you you could skip. As in most things, the more you know the less you need.

If you’re going camping and you ask if you need a piece of gear you probably do.