Hick’s Law

pastry clockA lot of people don’t realize it, but every single option you need to evaluate, and every decision you need to make, slows you down. This phenomenon is known as Hick’s Law.

Hick’s law applies to things as diverse as fighting or shopping.

In Brazilian Jiu Jitsu if you’re mentally going through a small list of concepts rather than a  large number of techniques, there’s a lot less to keep track of. By keeping the concepts in mind, the movements will take care of themselves.

In shopping the many choices can be daunting. Lately, I’ve been shopping online because we’re going to the States for the holidays and I’m buying things to bring back to Mexico with us that we can’t get here.

I actually enjoy shopping, but I was a little overwhelmed by the options. The internet is a giant machine designed to give people what they want. And like everyone else, I’m like an ant drawn to a picnic.

I’m buying an old fashioned safety razor and blades so I can stop throwing out plastic razors, save money, and possibly get a closer shave.

Like many things, there’s a subculture of shaving enthusiasts with strong opinions on gear and technique. The choices on Amazon for safety razors is surprising. There’re safety razors with different weights, handle lengths, finishes, ways to secure the razor blade, degree of blade edge exposed, and more. Lots to wade through. I was ok with it but Hick’s Law is definitely in effect. So I need to do some digging for information as well as shopping.

Then there’re the razor blades themselves to sort through.