Movies and Real Life

more traffic thru a wet windshiedDo the details in your stories that you tell your family and close friends create stronger bonds?

Movies tell their stories by leaving out the boring parts. Editing makes for tight storytelling in movies. But in real life all the little and often uninteresting minutia are part of the creation process of closeness.

Having a ¬†close-knit family or circle friends means having stories told in their entirety, the cool stuff along with some boring details. There’s isn’t much editing of the stories we share with our closest people.

Real life is messy, often with details that are just part of the stories that get shared. Sometimes it’s about driving home in the rain when it’s hard to see the traffic.¬†Movies are slick, editing out rain on the windshield unless it’s critical to the storyline.

It’s the small stuff too that’s important in long relationships.