Can you oversimplify?

shower knobsI usually don’t blog when I travel. But I get ideas that rattle around until I get home.

This is a quick one. Why are some shower controls unnecessarily complicated? Is having just two knobs actually simpler than having three?

In a couple of weeks of traveling, each shower I took required an extra minute and a half to sort out how to get the shower working properly.

That small moment of bewilderment takes away from the travel experience. Wouldn’t it be easier, cheaper, and provide a better customer experience to have separate knobs for hot and cold water?

I doubt many people even use the tubs in hotels. I’d be fine with just separate temperature controls for the shower.

What I usually found was just one knob for water temp and pressure. Then there’d be another knob selecting the tub faucet or the shower head. These knobs look like miniature R2D2 robots planted into the shower stall wall. Sometimes there were colored buttons on the knobs for setting a temperature. That’d be handy if you were planning to stay for a while, I guess.

I’m sure the decorators had good intentions, but really, most of the time, simple is better.