The vision thing

buildingTuesday I had PRK corrective eye surgery, which is similar to Lasik, hopefully correcting my vision and eliminating glasses from my life.

So far, it’s interesting. My near vision is sharp while my distant vision is a bit fuzzy. The procedure usually takes a month or more for the vision to be finally corrected.Little by little it’s getting better.

Commonsense, cognitive therapy, and the Buddhists all put a lot of value in accepting things as they are, making your way through life much smoother. Seth Godin puts it this way which I think is clever:

..the way we respond to the things that we can’t change can instantly transform our lives. “That’s interesting,” is a thousand times more productive than, “that’s terrible.” Even more powerful is our ability to stop experiencing failure before it even happens, because, of course, it usually doesn’t. Happiness, for most of us, is a choice. Reality is not. It seems, though, that choosing to be happy ends up changing the reality that we keep track of.

That’s why I decided to say that, at the moment, my vision changes are interesting. I am after all typing this without glasses.