The Comedy Club

dog talkFive comedians, three men and two women, performed at a comedy club we went to on Friday. Each comedian’s routine was really funny.

Most of the material would be considered offensive by some people, though probably not by anyone at the show. If you said some of the bits out of the context of a comedy club in a normal setting they’d definitely offend people.

It reminded me of some thoughts on comedy from Chris Rock. He’s not doing stand up at colleges any more because there’s so much blow back from politically correct students and faculty. They’re going to miss out.

I was impressed by how the comedians that we saw put themselves out there without a net. Again from Chris Rock:

It’s scary, because the thing about comedians is that you’re the only ones who practice in front of a crowd. Prince doesn’t run a demo on the radio. But in stand-up, the demo gets out. There’re a few guys good enough to write a perfect act and get onstage, but everybody else workshops it and workshops it, and it can get real messy. It can get downright offensive.

Before everyone had a recording device, you’d say something that went too far, and you’d go, “Oh, I went too far,” and you would just brush it off. But if you think you don’t have room to make mistakes, it’s going to lead to safer, gooier stand-up. You can’t think the thoughts you want to think if you think you’re being watched.

I’m just glad there’re still brave men and women willing to try stand up comedy.