The last laugh

monkeyrodeoCan a joke be so funny that the person  hearing it  dies from laughing?

Stories coming out of Detroit point toward a killer joke as the cause of death in four recent deaths, something to do with internal organs crushed by contracting abs and suffocation from an inability to breath correctly while laughing. Witnesses saw a funny looking man was seen leaving the scene of each death.

Witnesses who didn’t get the joke remember it starting with a story about two people and ending with a punchline about “the condition of your gums!” How does a joke like this get any traction if understanding it probably kills you.

If you don’t get the joke, can you still tell it? Could an elderly Jew go into a German nursing home seeking revenge armed with this joke? What happens when a socially crippled young white guy on antidepressants goes into a school to tell this joke? When Jihadists start telling this joke to infidels on Youtube will other Jihadists survive while the native English speakers watching it convulse to death?

A killer joke will be like a killer virus that kills it’s host and so it’s chances of going on.

This is my 400th post, so I decided to share this story with you now instead of waiting  ’til April 1st. Thanks for reading!