Who are the non-drinkers?

gass of waterThe Washing Post ran an article about how much alcohol people consume in a week.

Thirty percent of adults don’t drink at all. Then the number of drinks per week rises very slowly every ten percent after that until the last 10 percent.

The last 10 percent of drinkers hit it hard, consuming almost 74 drinks a week, or around 10 drinks a day!

That’s scary, but here’s what I’m wondering, “How many of the non-drinkers are former problem drinkers?”

Most of the adults I know fall into the moderate drinking range.

The only non-drinkers I know are former heavy drinkers who chose to stop drinking to improve their lives.

I assume some non-drinkers don’t drink for religious reasons. Since I don’t  really associate with  religious people who’re strict, my non-drinker friends come from a pool of non-religious people. That’s what makes me wonder about the stories and reasons behind why some people don’t drink at all if they aren’t religious.

The alcoholic beverage industry would benefit by encouraging people to drink moderately because their market base could be much larger. Consider that the top 10 percent of drinkers are buying about 60 percent of the alcohol. That’s a lot of eggs in one basket. Not to mention a very unhealthy basket.