Hasidic Fashion

new skool hasidI’m ignorant on orthodox Judaism matters, but I can still wonder. What would a new school Hasidic Jew look like? I don’t even know if there’s such a thing.

If you’re in the Hasidic fold, you’d conform to certain standards of appearance just like you would if you were in the Amish community.

When someone decides to leave a rigid culture they probably leave whatever they can completely behind. Imagine a former Amish dude shaving off his Abe Lincoln moustache-less beard and replacing it with a giant walrus type moustache and never look back.

I saw this picture on The Sartorialist website and thought this might be what a hip new school Hasidic Jew might look like in 2014.

I’m sure fashions change in closed communities, but it’s at a glacial speed and in such small increments no outsider would notice. So this guy is probably way too far out ahead of the pack.