The brake and the accelerator

what-I-do-as-an-artistLots of people have a tough time saving money. If you want to increase control over your money, here’s a good trick.

Imagine dealing with money as driving a car.  It’s an automatic so you only have to deal with an accelerator and a brake. Accelerating increases your income while braking decreases your savings. So for each decision you only have to consider, “If I do this, am I pressing the accelerator or the brake?”

People tend to press hard on both the accelerator and the brake, thinking that the point of earning money is spending it. But getting ahead requires easing off the brakes while  pressing the accelerator harder if you can.

Just how hard are you pressing the brake pedal? Every money decision is an accelerator decision or a brake decision. Once you start thinking this way it’ll become easier to let off on the brake. Just ask yourself whether any action or item will accelerate your income or decrease your savings. Happy motoring!