Flat water and flat rocks

Rock onIf aliens showed up not knowing anything about us and saw someone skipping rocks what would they think? Was the skipper trying to empty the beach of rocks, or trying to fill the water with rocks? Kinda like the joke about the first visiting aliens seeing a dog owner picking up his dog’s poop and assuming that the dog must be the boss.

Wherever people find flat water and flat rocks nearby, they probably skip rocks.

Skipping rocks always seemed like a warm weather spontaneous, idle activity. That was until I saw there’s a kickstarted campaign to fund finishing a documentary about competitive rock skipping. Who knew. It’s a big world with room for lots of subcultures.

The trailer for the documentary shows some impressive rock skipping.

I remember a¬†friend of mine who was a competitive race walker said race walking is a questionable sport for questionable athletes. I’ll have to ask him if he skips rocks too.