The journey is the reward

valley stairsJeremy Jones is an accomplished traveler and outdoorsman. He was selected by National Geographic Magazine as a nominee for Adventurer of the Year in 2012. For years he’s been a top professional all- mountain snowboarder, he owns a snowboard company, and he travels extensively.

Here’re a couple of good tips from a Jeremy Jones interview on the Made Man site:

What’s your No. 1 travel tip for adventurers?
“What I tell my kids is, the most important thing to bring is a good attitude. That’s how I pick my travel partners. And I have very low expectations. Nothing’s worse than being with someone on a trip, and the trip is pretty darn good, and they’re complaining because it’s not the best day ever. In the backcountry specifically, it’s super important to know your objective for that day. I go in thinking I’m probably gonna get turned around, and I’m mentally prepared for that. I’m thinking, If everything works out perfectly, maybe we can stand on top of that thing, we may get to ride it. I’m not emotionally invested in the summit.”

What’s one piece of gear you never leave home without?
“I’d say a mid-weight puffy jacket. That’s always with me in the backcountry and on a plane. The comfort it provides for the weight makes it a very efficient piece. From New York to the Himalayas, there’s no reason to not have that.”

Jeremy values a good attitude and a warm lightweight jacket. Good advice.