Back in the saddle

airplane in wireFinally, on a trip to the States I was able to buy a new computer. It’s a 13″ MacBook Air. Then we lost our internet connection and I got the flu as the connection returned. But all’s well now, I’m back in the saddle.

Not having a computer for two months taught me a couple of lessons which might be useful. The first was my idea of being able to get along with just having a tablet. Being a minimalist the idea of having a small device that does it all is¬†appealing,¬†but it turns out not to be practical. Basically, iPads aren’t full function computers. Especially when it comes to typing and manipulating text. It’s like trying to get by with a crescent wrench in place of a socket set. You can do it, but it’s frustrating if you know what using the proper tools is like.

I was happy to have had the iPad to use for a couple of months before I could get my hands on a new computer and to put the one small computer idea to the test. But ultimately the iPad is a good backup and travel companion.

The other lesson I learned was that external hard drives, your info backup, have a lifespan of about three years. I’d dutifully backed up my computer every three weeks or so for years. But when I bought my new computer and tried to import the backed up info – nothing! The Genius bar dude who was trying to help me said he always replaces backup drives after no more than three years. Mine was older than that and dead.

I still may be able to retrieve the data from my dead drive. But from here on I’m replacing my external drives early. Especially on the coast, I imagine the small moving parts in there clumping up like table salt in a salt shaker.