The dog walk

Where we live in Mexico there’s a wet season and a dry season.

It feels like the dry season is starting, meaning very little rain and milder temperatures. The beginning of the dry season is when every plant in this area seems to be at its greenest and most lush. They were getting watered every few days for much of the summer and fall.

Our dog is an active breed so we walk her everyday. Usually the walks are on a dirt road  leading out of our town. There’re tall tropical trees on each side Of the road. It’s really beautiful. The dirt road is better than a trail because the road is wide enough to give a sense of scale and long view ahead so you can really appreciate the surroundings.

The trees are so tall and dense that you don’t really need to wear a hat. And the amount of birds and insects, and still a few frogs, provide a constantly changing background mix of sounds for each walk.

This morning I bumped into a friend who said he’d walked home last night, in the dark, along part of the road and was captivated by a huge firefly display. I’ve seen ’em too when I’ve  taken the dog for a walk at night to give her, and me too, a different experience.

It doesn’t take much to remind me how beautiful it is around here and how lucky we are to live here. Basically all I need to do is take the dog for a walk.