Our Stone Age Bodies

I didn't changeWe still have Stone Age bodies that haven’t evolved much beyond those of cave men. You could even have kids with someone from the Stone Age. Maybe you feel like you have kids with someone who’s from the Stone Age.

The problem is that now we live with foods and conveniences that our Stone Age bodies don’t cope well with. It’s not new or big news but it is important news.

The other day I heard an NPR interview on “Fresh Air” with a Harvard professor explaining why it’s important to be aware of the disconnect between the way many people live now and what our minds and bodies are calibrated for.  There’re lots of people putting out the idea that we have Paleolithic bodies, but maybe the ideas will be given more weight coming from a Harvard professor who can lay out the idea in a clear way.

Okay, maybe you don’t relate to the professorial approach. What about the advice of a trainer to some of Hollywood’s A-list actors? These actors depend on their looks for their livelihood so they work with trainers who get results.

One of those trainers is Vinnie Tortorich. He’s college educated and has been training people for 25 years. What’s his underlying message? If you want to lose weight, don’t exercise, fix your diet by cutting out most sugars and grains and  also embracing fats.

That’s what our Stone Age bodies work best on. He doesn’t  really put it like that to his clients, but that’s what’s going on.

Whether you prefer the professor’s theory or the trainer’s results, you’ll see there’s something to using an evolutionary approach when considering how to live in the modern world.