September Pointers (2nd of 8 posts)

saying on enthusiasm Here’s the 2nd of 8 posts this September highlighting five random pointers or ideas I’ve come across over the years.

They’re from print or are things I’ve overheard. Each one stands alone and they aren’t in any order of importance. I feel that without attributions, each pointer is more impactful and useful. Because they ring true, they don’t need a known name for validation, plus I’ve often modified the wording to make it more clear to me.



– Email, calls, and meetings are really someone else’s agenda for your time.

– Die young, as late as possible.

– A good question is better than a bad answer.

– Live simply and pay as you go, debt is slavery.

– Peoples’ lives are made up of stories. Stories are what people relate to, it’s probably been true since we began communicating. Information provides a meaningful pattern for data, but a story provides an even more meaningful pattern for information, making it easier to take in.