Are lots of impressions working?

dog faceFirst impressions are important.

So people tend to put their best representation on the internet when posting a picture of themselves. Often it’s an old picture or one that’s not representative of how they actually look now. My guess is that it ultimately catches up with those people, damaging the trust others have in them.

But what’s the impression people who post lots of pictures of themselves make?

An easy and supposedly more flattering self-photo trick is taking the picture  looking up at the camera while holding it an arm’s length away.  If you don’t take these, you might not know what they’re called. They’re one form of a “selfie” photo, “a genre of self-portrait  photographs, typically taken either with a camera held at arm’s length or in a mirror,” according to Wikipedia.

Selfies became a  buzzword last year after some celebrities began excessively posting self portraits. Some regular people often emulate those they look up to, begging two questions: Are you using selfies a lot on social media? And how’s that working for you?

The results of a study conducted on 508 selfie snappers and how their pics influenced  relationships with their friends on Facebook and other social networks  showed that lots of selfies makes almost everyone like you less. The exceptions are a very close friend or  relative, and they could be lying.

Sometimes, there’s too much sharing on the internet.