Nature sounds

images-4Most mornings, we take our dog on a nature walk. It’s easy to do in our small Mexican town which encompasses and is surrounded by tropical jungle.

Usually, our walk is on a lightly traveled road with shrubs and huge trees on either side. We feel like we’re looking at a picture in National Geographic. But what’s also amazing are the sounds, especially in the summer. All sorts of frog, insect, and bird calls mixed together.

People are drawn to the natural world when they have a choice. Even in New York City.

A pleasant NYC surprise is the High Line park, an elevated pedestrian park that’s been repurposed from an elevated freight rail line running for almost two miles on the city’s west side. The landscaping is well planned and beautiful. It’s very cool and I walk it whenever I make it to NYC.

There’s a growing number of workers who walk the High Line to get to work a bit quicker in the morning and savor it later at a slower pace when returning home. The High Line is a little bit of nature in the concrete jungle.

It’s become pretty easy to at least get the sound part of nature when you’re stuck inside and want to hear a relaxing backdrop. You can hear rain sounds here, or if you prefer bird  and jungle sounds  they’re at “birdsong radio” on iTunes. There’re lots of other sites out there too. I live in a place where the sounds of nature are right outside my door, but when I want to bring some inside I turn to these sites.