Sometimes it’s good not to be #1

collapsed fat ladyI heard this week that the US has been knocked off its perch as the fattest country in the world. Who’s the fattest now? Mexico.

Mexico’s ascendance to the top spot doesn’t come as a surprise to me. I’ve lived in Mexico long enough to see how most of the people eat and witnessing some young people ballooning up after puberty and youthful activities stop. Especially if they’ve had a baby, which like many rural areas happens pretty young sometimes.

It’s easier to see obesity happening in young people as they mature, but of course it isn’t just young people. There’re plenty of heavy Mexicans in every stage of life.

Lots of soft drinks, sweet fruit drinks, and industrially processed foods are wreaking havoc here just as they are in the US. The education system here is generally lacking, so I’m guessing most people think that because something is being sold in a store it must be okay to eat, when it’s not.

Sometimes it’s good not to be #1.