It’s a Bar

imagesThere’s a bar in our small Mexican town owned by a sweet young gringo couple.

The bar struggles a bit. It’s in a pretty good location on main street, but it’s several blocks from the beach. There seem to be some “regulars.” And because the couple is well liked some other, non-regular, people pop by from time to time. Everyone in the bar is a local.

Here’s the thing I don’t understand. There isn’t much signage. Even the name of the bar isn’t easily seen. And more important than that, I think, is that there’s not a sign with the word”Bar” anywhere to be seen. And it is a bar. It’s very mysterious to me.

Everyone who drives or walks into town has to pass by the bar. It can’t be registering as a bar to visitors to town. People on vacation generally like to go out at night. I think vacationers would make a mental note of a bar as they passed by it, especially in a town with very few bars. And later, they’d return to where they saw a sign for a “bar.”

People don’t like unsolicited advice most of the time, but maybe I should work it into the conversation next time I’m there. It seems like a good idea to point to a bar if you want people who like bars to stop in.