Get down (and up)

follow the leaderAs kids we spent lots of time on the floor and as well as time getting up from the floor. But as we got older most of us, in the first world, rarely spend any time on the floor. Are we missing something by not getting down onto the floor and getting back up from it?

When you’re training Brazilian Jui Jitsu (BJJ), you spend most of your time getting down ¬†on the floor, either doing drills or grappling and then getting up. I’ve been training in BJJ for a while and couldn’t help noticing how much getting down and getting back up seems like an easy and effective form of exercise.

There’re other factors of course. There’s the grappling and the stresses that causes along with practice movements requiring a good bit of effort, but I feel like just the constant getting up and down from the floor is good and simple exercise.

Just getting down on the floor, lying flat, and getting back up to standing several times would be hard for most folks. It doesn’t need to be that way. Maybe getting down and back up is a way to do some exercise, you could do while watching the news or a sitcom (no pun intended). Don’t count the repetitions, just get down and get back up until the show’s over.

The best exercise is the one you’ll do. Getting down onto the floor and returning to standing for half an hour is an easy one, it probably doesn’t matter how fast you go, and could be the best one.