Free time

jelly beans

How much free time do you have? And what will do you with the free time you have left in your life?

Here’s a clever, three-minute video representing each day of a lifetime with a single jelly bean. That’s about 29,000 jelly beans/days.

Different amounts of jelly beans are taken from the mound to create pictures of activities like eating, grooming sleeping, working, etc. After all the “required” life activities have been represented, the remaining jelly beans represent our free time. Depending on the person, some of the free time pile has already been used, your mileage may vary.

You probably don’t have as much free time as you may think you have. And this little video will help you get a snapshot of it.

The video also drives home the point of trying to make the best of all the stuff you need to do, all the stuff that’s not free time. All or some of that time can be appreciated too.