What’s your best travel tip?

leaf lipsThis is my best travel tip.

Pack half as much stuff, and more money, than you think you’ll need.

I’ve traveled a lot, usually without much stuff, and I can’t think of a time when I wished I’d packed more. Hassling with more than one bag is time-consuming and could even be spirit crushing.

When it’s time to move to another spot, packing up is a snap. Without too much stuff,   noticing if something isn’t where it should be in the bag becomes an easy way to leave less stuff behind.

If you get somewhere and find out you don’t have something you need, then just buy it there. Most things are available in some form everywhere in the world these days. Plus, shopping for and buying something like a local can be fun. Even mundane stuff like toothpaste or aspirin can keep refreshing your memories each time you use it.

The airlines’ luggage policies lately have been getting more travelers to pack less than they used to which might actually make their trips better.

Nimble is the way to go.