What you need

wasp on the surfaceWhat do things like an EpiPen, a tourniquet, some bear repellent spray, or a tornado shelter have in common? When you need one them, you really do need it. And there’s probably nothing else that can do what it does. ┬áNormally, not having one of these things goes unnoticed.

It’s all about probability. If you’re hiking in Alaska, as long as you don’t come across a grizzly bear you wouldn’t need to carry bear repellent spray. But there’s a high probability of coming across a bear in certain parts of Alaska. If you do have a bear encounter that gets hairy you’ll really want some bear spray.

What has a high probability of happening and is easy to prepare for? A shark attack is low probability and tough to prepare for. But something like a car wreck or a deadly reaction to a sting or food you’re allergic to? What about a tornado shelter if you live in a tornado prone area?

It’s something that’s good to figure out ahead of time and prepare for. You won’t make whatever it is happen by preparing for it. But you’ll be really glad if you need something and have it.