Weird cat stuff

tattoo catsI’m a dog person, but I don’t have anything against cats. Their purring is soothing and it’s doing more than you might think.

I recently found information about purring that I thought I’d heard somewhere before – but it seemed too weird to be true so I’d never brought it up.

It turns out that a cat’s purrs are made up of vibrations they make 25 to 150 times a second. Research shows bones and tissues heal more quickly when exposed to those frequencies. So cats are actually taking care of themselves when they purr.

Most of us imagine cats purr to show contentment. But cats purr when they’re happy, hurt, or dying. Purring isn’t used to communicate how a cat is feeling, it’s working on healing and strengthening.

Cats heal faster than dogs. And cats also have a very good chance of recovering from falls out of high rises. The “nine lives” expression probably came from people noticing that cats often recovered from injuries when it didn’t seem possible.

Dogs chase cars, balls, and bikes. Cats just mostly chill out and purr. Who knows, maybe soon there’ll be beds and chairs that “purr” at just the right frequency to help people stay healthy.