More About Blogging

zzz Ring - writtenWriting a blog can serve many purposes.

In September, I wrote a blog about blogging after some friends asked for advice about how to write a blog. I didn’t really cover the “why” and the readers’ experience.

A blog lets me share ideas and entertain, either one is good, but if I do both it’s even better. Blogging lets me keep a record of ideas before they evaporate from my memory, because we’re bombarded with new stuff everyday that crowds out earlier stuff. Sometimes a blog and a cover letter might be better than a resume and a cover letter. And blogging helps hone my storytelling and communicating abilities.

The reader’s experience is important.

I think it’s better to have a clean and clear format, consistent from week to week. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander, so a clean blog is just as good for the writer as it is for the reader. That probably means it’s not that great for ads and affiliate junk that’s really just ┬ádistracting for readers and writers. I’m happy writing my blog, and even happier if you’re happy about it too.

If my readers are coming to my site, it’s to be informed or entertained. The same reasons I visit other sites. I don’t want to be sold to, see pop-up windows, endure”sharing” pleas, or read “like” requests. They’re all distracting. I know how to bookmark something if I like it.

A good blog needs content, a title, the writing, maybe a picture, and a clear format. I like to visit blogs that follow a schedule so I try to do it too.

So write about what you like that’s useful and enjoyable to read, while creating a good experience for your readers. That’s about it.