Seven Interesting Links

globeHere’re links to seven stories I think are interesting.

Pulitzer Prize-winning writer Paul Salope is embarking on a walk retracing the migration of early humans, from Africa to the tip of South America. He’s planning on finishing this 21,000 mile trek in 2020. Along the way he’ll try slow-journalism, issuing stories every hundred miles or so, chronicling our current, changing world while he’s on his seven year walk. NPR has a seven minute report on the trip too.

Now that humans live everywhere, if you’re waiting to be born and have a say in the country, then first look at the best and worst countries to be born into today. Spoiler Alert! Shoot for Switzerland, Australia, or Norway, and stay away from Nigeria, Kenya and Ukraine. Small, peaceful, homogeneous, liberal democracies will give you the best shot at having a good life.

Leo Babauta interviews Mark Sisson about how life in our hyperconnected world doesn’t always provide what we’re hardwired to expect from our surroundings.

There’s a tribe living in Brazil who don’t, and can’t, count. Also their concept of time goes back just about two generations. This article is from 2006, but it a good one.

Jumping ahead in time, this article in Wired speculates on robots’ place in our future. It’s happening. There’s a $22,000 work robot that anyone can instruct and safely work next to, it can do the work of half million dollar work robots in the previous robot generation.

Back to South America, give this NYT profile of Jose Mujica a read. He’s the president of the “Switzerland of South America,” Uruguay. It’s a different story, with lots of unexpected twists.

Too tired to read anything else? Watch this video of a top Vegas entertainment pickpocket showing how he does a few of his picks using the writer from the New Yorker who wrote about him for the magazine.