Smart Lights

Technology allows us a lifestyle different from the lives we’re hardwired for.

We’re hardwired for a world that, for most privileged people, no longer exists. Eating as often as we want to. Avoiding extreme temperatures. Managing pain and ¬†illnesses. And staying up as late as we please, because now we have plenty of light at night.

Our natural schedule for going to sleep and waking early is still there, but electric lights blunt our baked-in tendency for early evening sleep.

As technology gets smarter maybe it’ll start to adjusting to us, because we can’t adjust fast enough to it. So, I’ve been wondering when we’ll start seeing smart lights in our built-up modern world. It shouldn’t be too long before lights will automatically dim gradually according to the time of night, the seasons of the year, and how far we are from the equator.

We’ll still stay up late, but maybe if lights dim more as the night progresses we’ll be able to go to sleep easier and to sleep better.