A Hundred Dollar Guitar

Two guitarist chipped in 50 bucks each for a cheap electric guitar. They used it to create a recording project.

They shipped it around the world to other guitar players. Each guitarist had a week to compose and record some original music for the crappy guitar. That guitarist signed the guitar before sending it on to the next artist. So far, more than 60 guitarists, some well-known, have participated.

The crappy guitar encouraged players to try out ideas they wouldn’t ordinarily be doing on a high-end, fancy guitar.

I heard this story on NPR the same day I’d posted a blog called “Crappy Things.” It’s about attaching the adjective “crappy” to things you want to do and stick with, lessening the pressure you might feel about having to do something perfectly (and so maybe avoid doing it).

In the hierarchy of guitars, a hundred dollar guitar is a crappy guitar I guess.