Crappy Things

Tricking yourself into doing something you’re interested in and want to keep doing may not be so hard. Try attaching the adjective crappy to your activity that you want to do. I mean “crappy” in the sense of “not to be regarded in any special way,” allowing you to keep the spirit of your endeavor playful and less serious.

Just write two crappy pages a day. Just do ten crappy minutes of meditation a day. Just do ten crappy push ups a day. Just take a crappy twenty minute walk every day. Just post two crappy blogs a week.

You can apply it to almost anything. It encourages an approach of kindness to yourself.

The idea came to me after hearing a writer, with three published and successful books, say his goal is to write 2 crappy pages a day.

Two crappy pages a day is a low quota and not too daunting a task. It removes most of the pressure so it’s easier to get started; once you’re started you can always write more.

I heard an interview with a Navy SEAL who said he breaks up big, hard tasks into micro tasks. For example, to complete a long slog with a lot of gear on, he’d focus on making it to a small landmark maybe just twenty meters ahead, and when he got there he’d create another micro task.

Micro. Crappy. Same idea. As long as it encourages us to take small steps that’ll add up to something big.