The Hourglass Shape

Generally speaking, in materially rich cultures, thinness conveys status. And a fuller figure usually conveys status in materially poor cultures.

But across cultures, men prefer the hourglass shape.

There’s even a way for determining a desirable hourglass figure.

Just divide the waist measurement by the hip measurement. If waist/hip equals .70, or less, that woman has desirable curves, regardless of being plus sized or thin.

It’s a cross cultural norm.

This analysis goes the other way too. Across cultures, women prefer a vee shaped torso, noticeably wider shoulders above a narrow waist.

And there’s a way to determine this desirable vee shaped torso too. Divide the waist measurement by the shoulder measurement. If the waist/shoulder is .75, or less, that man has a desirable vee shaped torso.

A symmetrical, healthy looking athletic body type is generally preferred by men and women, even though skinny models and hyper muscled bodybuilders often get more attention.

It seems like different people and cultures are more alike than we might think.