Some Mail

I just got a birthday card, arriving the day after Halloween for my birthday that was in mid July. It was a postcard of NYC from a friend there.

My NYC friend has visited a couple of times and knows there’s no official mail delivery, but I’m guessing he wanted to try.

Normally I don’t get any mail in Mexico. Our town of  about 2,500 doesn’t have regular mail delivery, and that’s ok by most folks here.

There’s a woman here who delivers the electric company bills, usually late, to people she knows and she gets tipped for it. But most people know when their bills are due. And lots of us do online bill paying so the bill’s been paid long before you get one, if you do get one.

A couple of days ago, a neighbor told me he thought there was a postcard meant for me at his house. When I popped by later, there it was, so unusual it could have been a message in bottle.

Some mail is better than no mail. And even if it’s four months old, mail is still fun to get.