Save Your Energy

We don’t appreciate electricity until we don’t have it.

When the power’s gone, there’s often still cellphone service. So if there’s a chance you’ll lose power, here’re some easy things you can do to stretch out the life of your cellphone’s battery:

1) Before the power goes:

Keep your cellphone plugged in and charging.

Charge your laptop. Later, don’t turn on your laptop, only use it for charging your cellphone via the USB cable.

Get a cellphone charger that plugs into a car’s cigarette lighter.

Turn off all the bells and whistles on your cellphone like bluetooth, feeds, and GPS.

2) After the power goes:

Keep your cellphone turned off when it’s not in use.

Try to only use text messaging instead of voice.

Turn down the screen backlighting as low as possible.

Use a flashlight or a candle for lighting not your cell phone’s light.

Your cellphone can last much longer if you’re careful with it and prepare a little bit ahead of a potential power outages,┬ásay a powerful storm heading your way.