New Bloggers

Three people I know just started blogging.

Here’s my advice for them:

Write about what you find interesting and care about, otherwise, you won’t be writing after a couple of months.

Keep your writing style short and to the point. Use short words, unless a longer one is better.

Write like you talk – using contractions, an active voice, short paragraphs, and different length sentences.

The online attention span is short, so try to keep your posts to around 300 words.

Edit your post. Then edit again. And try to have someone proofread it.

Stick to a ┬áregular posting schedule. It keeps you on task and your readers will come to expect it. That’ll make easier for you to attract fans.

Pick one topic for a post and stay focused on it.

If you plan on blogging for a long time, try to write “evergreen” posts that can be read in the future and still be interesting or useful.

Finally, pick a blogging tool that’s easy for you and your readers to use. Especially a clear, clean format for your readers.

Good luck!