My previous post concerned two Seth Godin posts that provided his insights about online business. Today’s post is about a year old online business success story, Tattly. In a nutshell, Tattly is:

my (Tina Roth Eisenberg) designy temporary tattoo business, is turning one! In the past year, we’ve shipped to over 90 countries, had over 15k orders, went from 15 designs a year ago to over 225 today

Tina’s little business isn’t curing cancer. She’s just putting a new spin on temporary tattoos by recruiting professional artists, producing a high quality product, and charming her customers. On the one year anniversary of Tattly she shares seven things she’s learned along the way, with these headings:

1. Never hesitate to challenge a status quo

2. Don’t outsource things you care about

3. Don’t be shy. Ask for advice. 

4. Grow a thick skin + hustle

5. Prepare for success

6. Being nice is the only option

7. Your team is everything 

You can read the expanded seven lessons at her website, Swissmiss (she’s Swiss born), to get her tips on starting an online business. It’s an interesting story.

Swissmiss is her design blog for her NYC based design studio. It’s an Interesting and fun to visit site. Give it a look.