How’s that working for you?

How’s what you’re doing now working for you? How you’re framing an idea affects how well you can sell it to yourself. Figuring out which tribe you’re a part of helps.

Once you figure out the tribe you belong to, you’ll know what motivates members of that tribe. Then you’ll be able to “sell” a better idea to yourself more easily.

For example, before you eat another triple scoop cone, you might say to yourself ¬†“Nothing tastes as good as being _____ feels.” Knowing your tribe you might fill in the blank with: being skinny, being healthy, being kosher, or whatever’s important to you. Maybe yours is a tribe of one and you just want to look better in your bat suit.

You may be able to make the sale to yourself; especially if at some level you don’t really want to eat that triple scoop cone in the first place,¬†maybe just a single scoop will do the trick.