Quien Sabe?

“Quien sabe” translates to “who knows?” You hear it a lot in Mexico where there’re lots of things you’ll never know.

Kent is a New Englander, an avid Patriots fan, a father of two kids, a regular dude. He works out and does some stretching for a sore back but no yoga classes or things of that sort.

During a recent visit to Mexico, he tried going to meditation. There’s a meditation group in our town that meets every Wednesday night for half an hour. We mentioned we were going and he asked if he could come try it out.

Maybe it was a chance at a quick break from the wife and kids, or maybe being in a new environment makes you more willing to try new things, or maybe it was a little bit of curiosity.

On the walk over, I explained that you just sit for a half hour focusing on your breath going in and out of your nostrils. And when you notice your attention wandering off, simply return it to monitoring your breathing again, and again, and that’s how it goes. The idea being that your mental chatter slows down and you can be more in the present moment. Meditation is one of those simplex things – simple but also complex, both at the same time. He said it made sense.

So we had a sit, with all the usual suspects, for 30 minutes. Kent said he liked it and that his legs got a bit tired. I’m not sure meditation will muscle out any of his current activities, quien sabe? A little bit of curiosity can go a long way.