A Better Now

We like hoping for a better now, waiting for what we think are the perfect conditions. But right now is the best now, usually. Procrastinating, waiting, not starting, and getting distracted can all be justified because you’re waiting for a better now.

Maybe I’ll… it can be a long list.

I might say, “I’ll work on that online course I’m taking later, because I need to finish checking my email.” But email is most often the requests of others for your time.

Or, “The to-do-list is so long I’ll wait until it somehow gets shorter.” It won’t get shorter, by itself.

Or what about, “I’ll speak Spanish better when I get a Mexican girlfriend.” I guess my  American girlfriend doesn’t want me to really learn Spanish.

Then maybe, “I’ll meditate when the level of chatter in my mind calms down and I can be more present.” Isn’t that what meditation will help do?

“I’ll paint the outside of the house when the rains stop.” Okay, that’ll be a better now.

Most times though, this present now is the best now.