Hands Only

Did you like the movies “Lock, Stock And Two Smoking Barrels” and “Snatch?” Probably. If so, watch this two- minute video featuring one of the tough guys from those movies explaining how to do “hands only” CPR. This video from the British  Heart Foundation is informative, entertaining and useful.

I’ve wanted to mention the American Heart Association’s change to recommending “hands only” CPR  for a while after they announced it a couple of years ago. They found it to be as effective as the traditional compression and mouth to mouth style of CPR. And this video is a good reason to mention it.

Refresher courses were always needed in the past. After months or years of not thinking about CPR, most people were left wondering “what’s the right number of breaths or was it two breaths and 15 compressions or the other way?”

But the “hands only” technique is both easy to remember and less intimate, without the “mouth to mouth” part (eliminating any yuck factor). Hopefully people will be more likely to use it. And who knows, you might just save someone’s life.