Giving Thanks For YouTube

Whenever I want to see a video online and see that it’s on YouTube I’m always happy. YouTube videos load and play quickly; plus the video has good quality. The video itself might be crap but that has nothing to do with YouTube, only with whoever shot it.

I haven’t posted any videos on YouTube, but my guess is that it’s easy to do. On the consumer end, a YouTube experience is not remarkable which is really all I’m after – I just want to be able to quickly see a decent quality video on my computer.

My original title for this rant was¬†“F***ing Vimeo!” That’s what I usually say to myself when I see that a video online is from Vimeo. The video quaility is good but the wait for it to load is long and very unsatisfying. If there are supposed better resolution or other advantages that come from posting via Vimeo it’s not worth it from a consumer’s ¬†standpoint.

I won’t even click on Vimeo videos any more unless I’m very compelled by the subject and therefore willing to wait around (and around) while it loads.

I guess I’m just amazed that such an unsatisfying experience is still surviving on the internet. I hope it evolves or dies off soon.